Monday, May 3, 2010

SGA Election Results

Here are the winners of the SGA elections. Seems like a solid group of dudes, looking forward to working with them next year/banging my gavel and yelling at them.

Glad to see Alex Walls and Becky White again, future SGA presidents I think. Next year will be Mark and Katie, then Alex and Becky. If this happens then I feel like I would be the boss of a political machine (via Boss Tweed) and would be determining/frauding election results.

Calvert: Lexi Williams

Caroline: Alex Walls

Commuter: Jamie Phillips, Kate Kolarik

Dorchester: Perry Hardin

Lewis Quad: Andrew Reighart, Nemesis Zambrano

Prince George: Becky White

Queen Anne: Janay Jacobs

Townhouses: Frank McGough, Lorenna Maysonet, Kyle McGrath

Waring Commons: Gordon Lamphere, Kaitlin Caffey, Mark Snyder


  1. Someone is actually named Nemesis?

  2. Ahh I think I accidentally removed a comment that was here earlier, dunno what it said, my apologies

  3. when it said banging my gavel, I definitely thought it said something else...

  4. amen this is a political machine. this is like all your best friends, Tweed.

  5. i am obsessed with your misuse of "via", we've been over this though

  6. Becky + Alex for presidents 2012!

  7. I endorse the rumor of a Snyder/Caffey ticket in '11. But it's still a rumor.
    Panicking should begin immediately.

  8. "Ben said...

    Someone is actually named Nemesis?"

  9. Yeah. Nemesis rules.