Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SGA Meeting 1/26/10

First SGA Meeting of 2010. Charles is here really early, like before 7:50 which is when I got here.

7:50 - I took a shower before the meeting and shaved and my chin is now very smoooooooth

7:54 - Lisa Neu is wearing sweatpants. Someone has given up on life! Just kidding, I loooooove Lisa

7:58 - Becky White and I are having a serious discussion about Farmville

8:02 - Meeting has begun

8:04 - I really don't like LOST maybe one day I'll watch the whole thing and actually enjoy it instead

8:05 - Student speakout, there are like 4 of them! First is annoyed that business office didn't send out any notifications besides "check your email" regarding tuition. Pretty legit complaint I think. I'm pretty sure my tuition was late or something because of this/I just assumed parents would take care of it or something. But I think this issue won't happen again, they are seemingly working on this problem and such.

8:12 - Katie Shultz is here. She is a Prince George RA. Talking about Haiti. She is proposing a dance marathon, where people pay you to dance and then that money goes to Haiti or somesuch. I like dancing, generally only when alcohol is involved or it's the Dance Show.

8:17 - Number 3 is my roommate Mike Tornabene. He is sad that the LQ kitchen is always closed at 2.

8:20 - Meeting is kinda over now, just going through reports and such.

8:25 - Madden Tournament on Sunday. There will be free wings so I think I will show up. I love some goddam wings.

8:27 - They are still looking for a President for the school and it is going well it seems.

8:28 - Debbie asked me not to publish this part so I am redacting it. I think it's kinda silly to ask us not to talk about something that was openly discussed at an open SGA meeting, but it's her call. It has to do with Presidential Search, and it's going to piss a lot of people off.

8:42 - Debbie is getting hammered by questions, I hope she doesn't take it personally because some people seem to be getting angry, we have talked about this now redacted issue for a half an hour now.

8:50 - I really miss Senator Clements and his cookies as I am really hungry right now.

8:58 - RedBox is not coming to campus :[

9:00 - Holy shit apparently there is an Air Hockey table in the Campus Center now. Fuck yes.

9:05 - Oh my goodness I am sleepy

9:?? - Meeting over

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  1. i love my sweats. im going to buy like four pairs before i graduate to ensure i can wear smc sweats for several years to come.