Monday, May 11, 2009

Top 5 Paths

There are lots of paths you walk on here at SMCM.  I am going to think about the paths 5 that I love the most in order to avoid studying.

1.  Campus Center.  The brick path is really very pretty, and it feels so nice when you walk on it barefoot in the sun; the bricks heat up and just feel wonderful.  
2.  The Bridge leading to the greens.  This is the greatest thing ever, a bridge that cuts across the pond.  Whoever created this is a god.  If you are coming from South Campus trying to get to the Greens and don't take the bridge, you should not be allowed into any Townhouses.
3.  The track around the track.  The Varsity Sports Field/track has another track that goes around it all, but it's outside the fence.  Sometimes you may consider taking this path, until you realize the beauty of...
4.  The path through the Varsity Sports Field.  Go through the opening of the fence, and then hop the broken part on the other side.  I have heard multiple people claim that they had originally broken the fence, but I don't really know who for sure.  Regardless, it makes getting to WC so much easier.
5.  And lastly, the paths down to The Point.  There are two or three, and all of them are fun/dangerous, especially when it's dark.  I think my favorite is the path that you create when it's dark and you start walking into bushes and it hurts a lot, but eventually get to the bottom of the hill.  For some reason, I always feel the need to take the hill path instead of the stairs.


  1. I didn't even know there WERE stairs until I noticed them yesterday and I was like when did these get built? Silly Point.

  2. there's a path behind the arc, or rather between the arc and the tennis courts. there's that little drainage valley and there's a raised portion that runs through it and it is very nice when you're walking back to the dorms from WC late at night. word.