Wednesday, May 6, 2009

World Carnival

World Carnival happened weeks ago, but I never talked about it.  It occurred April 17-18, and it was the 16th World Carnival.  

My friend Ben Casto and I woke up early Saturday Morning (at like 6AM) to head over to Admissions Field to help set up and get a free shirt.  They said they would provide us with breakfast, which turned out to be really lame.  Like I wish they had just given us bagels or something.

We spent most of the 7-9AM tying balloons to stuff with Tricia Realbuto, which was awesome.  We became expert ballooners.  After this we went and got real breakfast.

I headed over to World Carnival later that day, and noticed some balloons were missing.  Apparently we weren't that good at tying balloons.  Anyway, there was lots of cool stuff.  I got a "KEN" henna tattoo which was awesome so that I can remember my name, and I also won a goldfish which I named Jeremy Pevner.  

I also tried out all of the inflatable things.  The lasertag was best.  I played with Ben and some people from SMUT.  It was a lot of fun until it started deflating, and we didn't realize it, and we almost died.  It was the most traumatic experience of my life.  I now have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder :[

And Carbon Leaf was really sweet.  

World Carnival was awesomesz~

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