Thursday, July 31, 2014

s/o 2 the thotties

Congrats to the two SMCM alums who appeared on The Hill (blog???)'s 50 most beautiful Congressional people. Let's turn interns into eye candy!!!

At #5 was Carmen Fuentes

Not really sure what is hanging down from her glasses on the left, also I can't think of a joke to make about this really :/ :/ :/

Congrats tho bb!!!

FUN FACT: Said my townhouse smelled like pee once. Then she moved in and someone literally pissed in their house~

and at #25 is Mariel Saez

Congrats bb!!!

FUN FACT: Mariel assigned me my only article I ever wrote for The Point News

~~~congrats 2 both of yall beautiful ladies~~~


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  2. fuentes called a really good friend of mine fat at graduation, she is ugly af on the inside. republican too lol