Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Swimming Coach Arressted on Child Pornography Charges

Our Swim Coach has been arrested on Child Pornography Charges.

Andre Barbins, 45, is currently in jail. He went quietly as police entered his Calvert County compound. Police found digital storage devices with the illicit material on it.

The college has stated

"The college is taking all steps necessary to protect the safety of its campus and community, and is cooperating fully with law enforcement. Assistant Coach Hattie Schiavone has assumed coaching duties. As with all personnel matters, the college is unable to provide further comment."

Hattie was a member of the Class of 2013, and suddenly has an awesome job, so props to her.
This was his mug shot. Portrait of a defeated man. You can see the despair, regret, and pedophilic sickness in his eyes. He worked here since the 98-99 season, overseeing countless swimmers, including the local underage swim teams.

How does this compare to the Professor who paid for sex with Oxy? Are these two incidents indicative of a larger problem down by the River?


  1. I have a couple issues with this write up. First, he's not "currently in jail". If you did your research and looked at the MD case search website, you'd see he was released on the 13th. Second, "overseeing countless swimmers, including the local underage swim teams." This is false, unless your definition of overseeing is: was at the same place at the same time. It has been clearly stated that this arrest has nothing to do with his role as a coach. It's only relevant that Andre was a swim coach in that it makes the case a bit more interesting than if he was a accountant or a tax attorney.

    I'm not defending him. Exchanging nude-y pics with underage girls via the internet is a pretty garbage thing to do (and a felony). But, c'mon, I expect more from the first smcmLOL blog post in almost a year and a half. I used to read this blog when I was a student and it was gold. This write-up is no better than the garbage put up by the-chesapeake website or any of the other sudo-news blogs of somd.

  2. If you wanted an interesting story, you could have done better. All you did was poorly sum up other news posts (did you skim 1 or 2 articles before drafting up this masterpiece?), add a line commenting on the look in his eyes in a mugshot, and BOOM Stanton reference. Did you think about commenting on how the campus community might be reacting? What about the 30 odd current members of the swim team preparing for their championship meet this weekend? What about Andre's wife and two daughters? Excuse me though, you did give "props" to the former swimmer of Andre who graduated less than 3 yrs ago and has been thrust into a head coach role one week before the biggest meet of the year.

  3. You guys should make a post about this:

    St. Mary's College of Maryland gets accreditation warning

    Now that's some topkek.