Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Career Center Sure is Great!

Was 'chillin' on the facebook today (via it's my day off #chill) and saw a great post from the Career Development Center

hahah wow cool

some scathing social commentary about the current generation

I can imagine how the conversation went

director: "yes let us make fun of the population we are here to serve"
web lackey: "yes good idea, and as a department that strives to be professional, let us post some of those "memes" all the 'millennials' are talking about"
director: "ah yes, proceed"

also making fun of Jersey Shore isn't even a thing anymore

On the real, what are you thinking? Maybe this is part of the reason that a lot of students complain about the CDC and its inability to help students and alumni. They are too busy posting out of date memes about fucking Jersey Shore Guido hair fashion.


  1. that's what you get for befriending CDC

  2. how did they manage to fuck up the acrostic logo

  3. This is the type of advice they give anyway so no surprise here. Can we please come up with a new name for this office instead of CDC?

  4. Shocking! Incredible! Unbelievable! SMCM has a career center!?