Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Senior Gala/College Prom Omnibus Guide!

Senior Gala (AKA College Prom) is coming up soon! A magical night of dancing and drinking with your fellow students and professors. It's a pretty pricey event though, so here is a guide to sneaking in, as I did circa 2010:

How to sneak into Gala
  • Don't arrive early, and make sure it is dark outside! That way when people with flashlights try to follow and apprehend you, it will be more difficult and you can escape
  • Don't try to go through the main entrance. walk around the whole perimeter until you find a quiet area to sneak into
  • Act confident
  • If you are worried that the people behind you with flashlights are trying to kick you out, just keep walking and blend in with the crowd
  • Dress fancy
  • Pregame to the extent that you are comfortable with sneaking into a $70 event, but no so much that you will be stumbling around
Just when is Gala? The date and location has changed over the years, let's look at a quick recap
  • 2010 - At the Brome Howard Inn, starting around 8PM?
  • 2011 -  At the Brome Howard Inn, starting around 8PM going until 12AM (idk I bought a lot of those lil' drink tickets)
  • 2012 - The location changes to Maggie O'Brien's house, time remains the same. Location probably changed because Brome Howard Inn employees didn't feel like cleaning up until 4AM. Nearby residents complained about a large bacchanalia occurring on a Thursday night, so this location was not used again
  • 2013 - Back to the Brome Howard, but now it starts earlier? 7-11 so that there is more clean up time.
IDK how accurate that is, but for staff and professors the Gala goes until the next morning apparently #typos

What to do at Gala
  • Get a plate full of shrimp, walk over to a log overlooking the river, and proceed to spend half an hour eating shrimp by yourself
  • Dance with Bob Paul
  • Take a limo there
  • Confess your affections to First Year crushes
  • Dance
  • Drink
  • Cry over the fact that you graduate in 36 hours
Enjoy seniors!!!


  1. actually the senior tickets still say Woodlawn. maybe the faculty/staff have their own gala?? conspiracy???

  2. On an unrelated note: students should be aware of massive shake-up to the school these past two weeks. Faculty and staff have been informed that due to unexpected decline in enrollment numbers for next year, school has to cut (permanently) 3.5 mil from budget. Most of that amount is coming out of academics (academic services and departmental budgets) and staff positions. This means faculty lines are already, will be, and have been cut: or instance, in art, Boyden Gallery is closed for good, and the the position that Caldwell used to occupy no longer exists. This will continue across departments this summer. Urgo met with staff and faculty today and claimed that this was due to the failures of facilities and faculty curriculum, but it has nothing to do with changes to admissions in the past two years. Make of that what you will.

    St. Mary's is about to change, permanently, for the worse. The revised budget (with these cuts) is being presented to the board on Friday for approval. If students are concerned about the future of the school, they should contact the president and the office of admissions and demand some public account and/or explanation for the school's failures and projected future.

    1. Yeah, I've been meaning to write about it all week but it's the kind of write-up that requires serious effort, I'mma work on it today.

  3. Ditto on anon above. The staff meeting was painful to sit through, and I understand the faculty raked Urgo over the coals for his failure in leadership. This impacts the ENTIRE college - jobs, budgets, academics, you name it. It's going to be an incredibly painful and damaging process. The faculty are going to ask the BoT not to vote on Urgo's proposed budget until the entire campus has had a chance to give their input.

    Urgo is probably going to go, and if Pat Goldsmith has a job after this week there's no hope left for this place.

    Oh, and I'm sure your buddy Tom B. is SO HAPPY to be leaving. He didn't know any of this was coming, and now that it has, it's his last week. Smart man!

    So, yeah. Get on this. This is OMG HUGE NEWS, probably the biggest thing to have hit this campus in a decade.