Friday, May 17, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: A Look into the Home of Dean Bayless

Remember Dean Bayless? She was the dean for awhile, 2007-2011 as I recall. It's almost like we went to college together! Here at the SMCM LOL BLOG we got an exclusive look into her former residence, called "Mount Bayless" (via George Washington's Estate Mount Vernon).

Woah pretty sweet house, looks like it has at least 7 windows and a door! Also check out that garage, could totally store a ton of soccer balls and lacrosse sticks. However, some of the shutters appear to be different colors, which I do not approve of.

She has cultivated a pretty nice garden with lots of colorful plants and stuff A+++, no 'weed' plants tho so I'mma knock her grade down to a A++

Actually I'm pretty sure those are "the weed" plants so let's push her back up to an A+++

This is where the magic happens~

I really dig that wreath, gives off a good "white lady who hangs seasonal wreaths during non-winter months" vibe. Wonder if she made it herself or got it at a farmers market/etsy/craft fair. Also the small TV on the fireplace, really sends the message that she "is into reading more than TV" which is pretty chill.

Wow check out all of those teapots, wonder what her fave tea is? Is she more of an early grey, black, or green kinda girl??? Chandelier is pretty chill too.

I love that cat throw blanket. And I definitely had one of those futons in LQ one year, so I kinda hope she picked it up during move out day one year.

Overall it's a pretty sweet house. It can be yours for $300,000 which seems like a pretty reasonable price for the size of the house, but IDK how much houses are worth in Southern MD. I also don't know how much non-LEGO houses cost so...

Plus it was built in 2006, so it has memories of a pre-recession America!

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  1. Did you see Urgo's house is on the market???