Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alex Walls Speech

Alex Walls gave a speech at the Board of Trustees meeting last Friday.

I don't remember when I first met Alex. I know it was during SGA in the Fall of 2009, but I don't recall the exact circumstances. But within those first few meetings (I know this sounds cliched but it's true) I knew that he would go on to do big things at St. Mary's.

I looked through the archives and pulled out some things I wrote about him over the years on this blog, via memories~

  • "Alex Walls is standing against a wall, I think he is tired of sitting"
  • "Alex Walls now has heat in his bathroom, I totally care"
  • "Alex Walls annoys me"
  • "Why is everyone laughing at Alex Walls :["
  • "Alex Walls said 'piggybacking' take a shot"
  • "Alex Walls just killed a bug"
  • "Gonna abstain from voting on this legislation to annoy Alex Walls"
  • "I bet Alex Walls will be SGA president one day (EDITORS NOTE: ugh so close on this prediction)"
  •  "Becky White just walked in and Alex Walls said "Late as usual""
  • "Alex Walls is eating a banana and it's funny because bananas looks like penises"
See you back on the board one day dude

(video stolen from Dorothy Fisher, idk who she is but I think we follow each other on tumblr)


  1. Alex Walls is the man.

  2. If only he could have my babies.