Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alumni Weekend 2013 - June 7-9

Alumni Weekend is approaching! Signups opened up for alumni who have donated (there is no threshold for the donation amount, so consider donating the cost of a few drinks at some point; it also "makes the school look better" to have a lot of donation participation), but if you are not a part of the 1% and failed to donate then you will have to wait.

But, I guess I could ~share the wealth~ and show yall the....LOGO

WOW what a pretty and cool logo! It has a sailboat! Because people at St. Mary's like to sail! For real tho I really dig the logo, and the slogan is nice too! But nothing compares to the logo from last year (via it has a frisbee)


As you can see, Shuttle Service to the Green Door is still being provided this year but for the EXORBITANT COST OF $7 WHICH IS $2 MORE THAN LAST YEAR. Actually this is kinda cool. Last year the bracelets sold out, so now they are raising the price due to the increased demand. ECONOMICS! But, look a little more closely...
When exactly is this shuttle? Friday or Saturday? Did some intern make this? Or could it have been newly hired Assistant director of Alumni Relations Larry Mac(Irish)Curtain.
He is good at cleaning, but is he good at creating registrations that make sense ???

Do yall wanna see the all the EXCITING REGISTRATION OPTIONS ??? Click below to read more...
 Because of formatting etc. you'll have to click on most of these images to properly view them, sorry for making you click stuff :/
 Wow cool! Free grilling food Friday night, can't complain about free food yall.

Family! Are you one of those "old people" who bring their children to Alumni Weekend? Watch 'Despicable Me' under the stars, while everyone else binge drinks and...

 Karaoke! Oh my god, I've fallen in love with karaoke lately (anyone else frequent "Walt's Inn" in Canton?). Rumor is the only song available will Wagon Wheel!

Hangover Cures! You aren't in college anymore, and you are going to feel like shit Saturday morning. How are you going to get over your hangover so that you can continue drinking? Exercise! Hit up 'zumba', yoga, or a death march with Tom Fisher (maybe I should do that one so I can finally meet him ???).
Class is in! You came to college to learn, not just get a degree, right? So take some time to check out a course in
  • zombie preparedness (legit I presented this as an RA 'program' that one year they made the mistake of hiring me as an RA)
  • evolution of candy (this is a legit funny lecture, I saw it a few years ago, luv u bob paul)
  • book and food (i heard this was a really good class)
  • other stuff!
 A real deal! This is always the best deal of alumni weekend. A pint glass for 8 bux ft. free refills from 12-2:30, which is prime 'drinking at the waterfront and playing in the water' time.

Here is a fun game you can play! Get a refill, go to the end of the line, then drink your beer before you get back to the front of the line!

Lunch! If you aren't getting the crab lunch, you are making a mistake.

Frisbee Golf Tournament! This is a great opportunity to realize how truly awful you are at frisbee golf despite playing the course hundreds of times.

Live Music! What better way to end your alumni weekend than drinking, dancing with other alumni, and making out with other alumni/current students/class presidents!

See yall in two months!!!


  1. can you provide the link to registration?

    1. WOW DID YOU EVEN READ THE ARTICLE yah gotta wait to register if you are some plebeian, unlike the privileged class~

  2. Registration will go live to the public on Monday. As for all those lucky ones who are able/were able to register early, thanks for your continued support to St. Mary's!!!

  3. RE: "When exactly is this shuttle? Friday or Saturday?"

    So the door shuttle will run Friday night into 2 AM Saturday covering prime drinking hours. It would be kinda crappy if it cut off when it wasn't technically Friday night anymore. Yes it is Friday AND Saturday. Clocks and calendars are astounding, confusing and scary things.

    1. Is this based on a Gregorian or Julian calendar? #liberalartscollegejokes