Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mold Students to be placed on a Cruise Ship EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

I wish this were a joke that I had made up but it is not.  The school is renting (or maybe buying via the photo to the right) this ship to house students who have been displaced by the mold in PG and Caroline.

These photos were leaked to me by a disgruntled student (she wasn't actually disgruntled) and should be the legit thing.

According to this second photo, it would appear that the boat will house at least 218 students.  Not sure how many are currently in the hotels, but there are many more than 200 students currently displaced (many were put into triples, quads, etc.).  I wonder how effective this method of housing will be?

Here is what the cabins look like.  As you can see they have a nice framed painting and even a telephone.  Not sure how the telephone works since they are in the water.

 Wow boat, u fancy huh?
Nice deck!  For yalls who aren't getting all student emails, Urgo sent one out a few hours ago telling everyone about this.  Currently a lot of students are in hotels in the area (some even in Solomons) which kinda sucks via having to drive so much, so this is a new solution! 

I feel like this is the sort of solution that could not have been imagined by sober people.
Click on any of the photos to see them bigger!

I have been here for several years now, nearly half a decade, and this is THE most absurd thing I have experienced.  <3 u st. marys.


  1. I as an alumni, approve! Did you notice some students are complaining about having to move again?

  2. Stupid freshman, complaining about living on a cruise. Clearly they don't see how SWEET it's going to be. Man I'm jealous. I wanna live on a boat and have boat parties! wooooo

  3. SO. COMPLETELY. FUCKING. JEALOUS. give me mold please!

  4. Phone is a "ships phone." Does not have to be connected to shore. Its gonna suck taking a launch to the shore during the winter

  5. what about the tram?

  6. Are they taking a launch or is it docked? During the summer they bring small cruise ships to the docks at HSMC and move the Dove out the way.

    Also like I said on David Chase's post, this is another excellent case of WWJZD problem-solving.

  7. I think Hallowgreens is going to be severely overshadowed by Boatoween.

  8. If this is the boat, where are the hoes (see Step Brothers for more details). Additionally, can you drunk dial on the ship phones?

    (Trying to be) Informed Alumna,
    SK/Your Fellow O's Fan and Neighbor

  9. Over/under how many people's costumes changed to T-Pain after learning about this. I'm calling minimum 3.

  10. They're docking it at Historic, next to the Dove.

  11. while jurgo is about as saint mary's as you can get, with this announcement it's clear that he suffers a bit too much from our characteristic ridiculousness/privledgedness/fucking stupidness. this mold situation was already a huge *eyeroll*; now it's embarrassing.

  12. Kyle Freaking McGrathOctober 28, 2011 at 7:53 PM

    ^Haters gonna hate

  13. I agree with anon 5:24...I guess its like, if you have a mold situation, you need to deal with it quietly and professionally rather than find extravagant solutions that draw attention to the school for less than ideal reasons. st. mary's college of maryland is an academic institution, not a 24/7 party, and the associations with 'cruise ships' make them totally inappropriate for student housing. the recent washington post video that interviewed students was really horrible in that regard...pretty much everyone said they were just settling in for a semester of partying. I know thats how most 'students' feel these days but we could at least pretend that smcm is a reputable instition and not a huge fucking joke....

  14. By the same token, I don't think the partying, nor the love affair with the boat, is going to last more than a week, given how crazy small and uncomfortable the rooms are.

  15. I agree with Anonymous 12:40 PM (great name by the way). I also think 'college dorms' given their associations with sex, drugs and alcohol abuse are totally inappropriate for student housing. Cruise ships, associated with shuffle board, retirement and family vacations are far worst. Plus, if only we didn't have cruise ship on-campus, there would be no parties on-campus.

    I know that most 'randomly' quoted words ('like' students) make arguments seem 'more' serious but we could at least use our 'names' and pretend we are a reputable institution capable of serious debate and not a huge joke....

    Also, @5:24, ridiculous, yes, but how was the ship stupid? It changed the narrative from mold being the worst thing to happen to the campus to the ship being the best thing ever. It brought students back to campus and let the campus have some fun with a awful situation. All while getting massive and overwhelmingly positive national media attention. Frankly, as a strategy to deal with a situation that put students in dangerous and challenging locations (hotels) and threatened the school with bad PR, it is a win, win. Pure brilliance. I am absolutely in awe of the creative solution and proud to go to a school capable of thinking outside the box in dealing with a crisis.

    I guess what I am trying to say is of all the things involved in the situation to criticize the school about renting a cruise ship seems like criticizing the best move the school made... oh and if you're not willing to put your name next to what you say, don't say it - absolutely pathetic, immature and detracting from your point.

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