Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Chick-Fil-A Debate Reaches

Not sure if yall know about the wonderful website known as  Most geographic areas don't have sweetass websites with news, forums, etc., but Southern Maryland sure does!  If you enjoy Conservative rhetoric, Obama bashing, and townies posting pictures from May Day (yes, this has happened) then COME ON DOWN!

So, months after Chick-Fil-A was banished via supporting anti-gay groups some people on the SOMD site got upset.  Since they go here and everything.  It resulted in some interesting posts on their forum and terrorist Dave Chase being a sane person with legitimately good posts.  This will be the first of two posts.  Click on the images to see the posts in full size that will actually be legible.  And godbless yall real good (via signs on route 4).

Ah yes, as a liberal lefty I HATE family values and the like.  I believe we should all live in communes!

Not sure if this bro understands what censorship is....

I would recommend just reading this one yourself.  There is homophobia, Islamophobia, and other crazyness.

Someone more sane posts!

Yes, please do come take a shit here on campus, we would love that.



  1. aaahha.. i'm diggin' Hessian's signature at the bottom of his post.

    and slightly worried that the foodcritic of Lusby endorses Chick-Fil-A and fails to mention our pick up of Bollywood. . .

  2. I graduated from SMCM last year and I found the whole "boycott Chick Fil A" episode to be somewhat ludicrous--there are plenty of other offensive practices that we indirectly support through our consumerism. There are probably several other food products that we could eliminate from the Grind because they're manufactured by companies that don't jive with our values. I read the SOMD thread and many of the responses from both SMCM students and SOMD forum loiterers alike were petty/ignorant.

    Also, can we as SMCM students examine the way in which we refer to those who live in St. Mary's county? "Townies" work on campus and we interact with "townies" every day. It's no surprise that some people in the local community view us as a bunch of elitist liberal weenies. Do you acknowledge the presence of the people who serve you food in the Great Room? Do you leave beard hairs all over the bathroom for college employees to clean up? How do you interact with folks when you go into town to run errands? St. Mary's might not be everyone's ideal place to live (it isn't mine), but it isn't some hole to escape from. Many graduates live and work in the county; it's not Us vs Them, because the townies are us and we are the townies.

    PS - SOMD has a ballin classifieds/jobs section and sweet local events calendars.

  3. In St. Mary's County the crazies are the ones who take to the Internet. Most other folks are too busy working at their day jobs on the base or on a farm (or one of the many small businesses in town) to really be bothered with it. The world's full of jerks at SMC isn't really an exception. Suffice to say most local folks think we're all right and make interesting conversation. Not to mention the fact we buy their goods and services. But as in most places in America you'll find some people with too much time on their hands.

    That said, SMCM is pretty full of itself, let's be honest. We tend to pat ourselves on the back for stuff we didn't really do (*cough*, sustainability, *cough*). And we do party pretty hard which doesn't help the public image (not that I would ever want that to stop). But newsflash: it's kind of like that at EVERY college, and if they think we're bad they ought to spend some time with the legacy crowd up in New England.

  4. One of those products removed was Starbucks coffee, so this isn't the first example.

    There was only one other SMCM student in that thread, and he was kinda a douche.

    I use townies to draw attention via tabloids.

    I think the vast majority of people say hello to Great Room employees. We know Big T and Rose, and recognize them all, they aren't faceless employees.

    I don't shave my beard.

    What do you mean how do I interact with folks when I run errands? I ignore them, just like when I'm at home. I don't talk to strangers...I make small talk with the cashier obviously though.

    No but for real I get what you are saying and agree, there is this antagonism and neither side is doing much to diminish it. I don't know what the solution is.

  5. And yeah agreed Kyle, it's the same issues that you run into whenever there is a small college in a town. And ultimately the two groups generally have differing political views which makes it easy to dislike the other group.

    But it doesn't fucking help when they take pictures of us running around nude.

  6. "Chick Filet" REALLY? do you not see the giant red correct spelling on the sign ALL THE TIME?

  7. I think this thread helps us solve an almost two year old mystery: who pooped in the LQ kitchen during spring semester oh ten

  8. oh my god, I love you @12:44, be still my heart

  9. nobody listen to anyone named kyle mcgrath ever

  10. Seriously, stay away from those forums. Those people are right-wing batshit CRAZY. It'll only make you nauseous, and you can't teach a pig to sing...