Monday, October 10, 2011

A ~Model~ Goes to School Here Now

Via many many rumors it would appear that a Model (via fashion modeling) attends SMCM.  At most universities this is probably a common occurrence but here it is something to speculate about and objectify the human in question.

Via investigative journalism it would appear that Blaine Cook (wut a pretty name!) is from Hollywood, MD and was born in 1986.  Let the stalking commence!


WAT.  What a turncoat/Benedict Arnold, doing work for the college Franklin and Marshall (via that place is hella expensive).

He was also in the 2009 American Eagle Holiday catalog.  I think this is one of those catalogs where people get kinda nudey, but it would appear


  1. Franklin and Marshall is also a clothing line. There's a weird/ somewhat interesting story behind it. CHECK IT OUT BRO!!

  2. Oh MY god he is hot as fucking fuckkk. Gayz goin crazii