Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Mystery Solved!

A mystery came about close to a year ago when a mystery blogger made a blogging blog called SMCMLOLOL which would comment on blog posts that I made, an exegesis of sorts.  I never knew who the blogger in question was but I always figured it was Julia Strauss.

FAST FORWARD to several weeks ago.  I am out on 'the town' (via going out) somewhere in the Maryland area (I do not recall exactly).  Via some means (maybe via SMS???) I am informed that the perpetrator of this blog was in fact Nick Hughes!

Nick Hughes is a long time student of St. Marys, here is a photo of him via recognizing:

As you can tell he is a nice young hipster musician (via horst the band shirt and weird glasses) and a fine young man.  Here is another photo:

He also likes facial hair!

Mystery solved!

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