Friday, July 1, 2011

Campus Pub to feature a large pile of dirt

Dr. Urgo posted this photo recently of construction going on regarding the Campus Pub.

As you can see there is a large pile of dirt inside.  I spent about two minutes trying to determine why there would be a large mound of dirt inside the pub but ultimately I have no idea at all.  This should be an interesting feature though for the new pub, although I would have preferred sand via sand castles.

A lot of discussion regarding the pub was what theme the pub should have so I imagine they went with  a mining town theme.  Hopefully there will be hardhats and authentic workers with the black lung.


  1. Why do you say it is a large pile? It seems to be an appropriate amount of dirt, considering.

  2. When the restaurant I worked at was renovated, piles like that were hauled in and raked over the floors as an adhesive sort of foundation for tile flooring.