Saturday, June 18, 2011

Graduation Hats

Okay so apparently at other colleges people decorate their graduation hats, AKA mortarboards (what a dumb name).

I'm surprised we don't do this at SMCM via doing kooky things like handing out beers to the grads and riding bikes around campus naked.

Not sure what I would have put on mine.  Maybe something about the blog, maybe a photo of a dinosaur, possibly several penises?  Hard 2 say.  Possibly Rikaloff.  Or Keystone Light.

Really though I think keeping at least one aspect of graduation pure and simple is a nice thing.


  1. mortarboard...dufuk?
    I thought it said motherboard for a sec, lol'd.
    Anyway, followed.

  2. lol keystone light...smooth like keith stone!

  3. i like the naked bike thing, why do you think it's not cool? naked young ones!!! mouahahahahahahah f*ck yeah!