Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SGA Meeting 4/7

I haven't talked about the last few meetings because they have been boring/I wans't there.

There is a lot of legislation for tonight.

8:02 - I got here

8:07 - Kalada criticized me for playing pokemon during the meeting.  

8:08 - Meeting has started.

8:10 - Student speak-out - no one :[

8:11 - Resolution to have SGA look into funding campus internships.  Pretty interesting.  I think it would be a great use of SGA funds.  It passed!

8:12 - The projector has broken.  This is boring.  Back to playing pokemon.

8:14 - It's fixed.  

8:15 - HOLY SHIT SENATOR CLEMENTS ISN'T HERE.  HE ALWAYS BRINGS COOKIES AND IS NEVER ABSENT.  I AM SAD.  You see he always brings us cookies that he makes in his very nice kitchen (which I assume probably has an Island and really nice cooking stuff).

8:16 - Spoken Word Club - Sounds cool I dunno.  I like the aspect of developing the ability to talk well/voice projection because I feel like I am not good at being loud and it makes me sad :[.  

8:19 - Sister to Sister amendment.  They want to change some random stuff.  Hahahah holy shit, apparently the club was previously open to only "women of color".  I am really glad they changed that to everyone.

8:21 - Bill to fund a lockable cover to put over the WC firepit.  I don't like this.  

8:24 - Media Board Budget.  Boring.  It passed.

8:33 - Resolution to have the SGA support bringing back the SARP coordinator.  This is a good thing I hope that something real comes of this.  

8:39 - Bill to provide a stipend for two kids to finish the Dover Yearbook.  I think yearbooks are kinda dumb and I don't really see the point, but I guess this is cool.  lols Nathan Bossie voted against it.

8:55 - Discussion about MAT students being able to partake in SGA and student activities etc., which I think is a really good idea.  

9:07 - OMG Brooks Whiteford is going to be on campus on the 16th.  I am happy.

9:15 - blah blah blah

9:22 - We just sang Nathan Bossie Happy Birthday.

9:24 - Meeting adjourned

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  1. I take back my comment about this being a dense blog, I guess I was just confused when I landed here in some random month.