Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SGA Meeting 4/21

SGA Meeting

8:12 - Meeting starts

8:13 - Zachary Agatstein is here with election results.  Justin Perry and Lisa Neu won President and Vice President, and someone else won something else and some other stuff etc.

8:14 - Guest speaker - Derek Thornton.  He is an important guy.  He deals a lot with maintenance and Public Safety and the campus in general.  He is giving us lots of information about the maintenance staff, and it seems like they work very hard.  

8:20 - Updates on renovations.  Getting rid of asbestos in Calvert is on the list of things to work on.  Replacing carpets in the North Crescent bedrooms.  Replace appliances in the Crescents.  Replace bad windows in the traditional halls.  Replace flooring in Dorch common room.  Replace some tile stuff in Caroline.  Replace patio doors in the traditional halls, since they don't close properly.  It's nice to see that maintenance staff recognizes the issues on campus, and is at least trying to work on them.  He was very nice.

8:38 - Anime Club Constitution.  I cannot deal with my life.  I really can't deal with this.  

8:39 - Newsflash:  Canada and North America are apparently separate.

8:45 - It passed.  Like, there was no reason for it not to pass, but ughhh

8:47 - Juliana Franck is presenting her Talon Grant on providing coasters that can test for date rape drugs.  This is pretty awesome.  Julie is a pretty cool kid and I am happy to see her doing something cool like this.

8:53 - It passed!  Woo Juliana.

8:54 - Club finances.  Exciting stuff.  

9:01 - Officer Reports.  Boring stuff.

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