Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SGA Meeting 4/28

Oh god, last SGA meeting of the year.  SGA has been quite an experience this past year, and I will miss it.  Next year I will be the LQ Senator.  Exciting!

When I say I will miss it, I am lieing.

8:16 - Meeting finally started.

8:18 - penis

8:19 - Andrew Bounds hijacked my computer and wrote penis above.

8:20 - Reusable to-go boxes.  Cool idea I guess.  The sustainability committee wants to have boxes that can be put in a receptacle that are collected at the end of the day.  I don't really see the point of this.  Why can't the students just return the boxes.  I really don't see the appeal of this option.  

8:25 - This kid had a good idea to horde these reusable boxes to make a fort.  Brian VanParys and I plan to do this.  

8:31 - My victory in Lewis Quad was just announced.  Excellent.  

8:36 - This guy is talking.  He is the waterfront director.  His name is Adam Werblow.  He is very nice and he has salt and pepper hair.  

8:39 - blah blah blah

8:41 - He is talking about stuff.  He is a good talker but it is boring kinda.  At least he is pretty.  

8:47 - He is talking about sailing.  I love sailing.  I want to checkout keelboat team next year.

8:51 - Apparently DPC used to be a chill place with couches and coffee tables, much like the new Rowing Center lounge.  That is interesting.

9:02 - There is a new pier being planned to be built.  It looks pretty rad.  Supposed to be completed this summer.  Awesome!

9:16 - He is still talking.  So pretty.

9:27 - Jeremy Pevner is talking about having the SGA fund the extra docks.  They are planning to build the docks this summer, but they don't have funding for extra floating docks for more room to store more recreational sailboats.  I hope this passes because it sounds cool.  Ok it passed.

9:35 - I, Tom Seahawk am talking in front of the SGA regarding a new magnetic sign to distinguish the recycling bin from the trash dumpsters.  Brendan Larrabee doesn't know what a recycling bin is and keeps asking unbelievably stupid questions.  Also he didn't wash his hands after peeing in the bathroom.

9:41 - Vote about making Margo Williams to become new Student Investment Group president.

9:42 - New MediaBoard Bylaws.  blah blah blah

9:51 - blah blah blah

9:52 - Seniors crying about missing everyone.  It's cute.

9:54 - Student Investment Group made 500$.  lolz

9:55 - MayDay.  People are planning to not do it at noon, which is a good idea.  Maybe not even on MayDay.  wooooo who knows.  One thing I heard was May 1st at 2:45ish.  But nothing is confirmed yet.

9:57 - New Executive Board Members.  Exciting.  

9:59 - I, Tom Seahawk, am being sworn into a sweet secret society to combat the illuminati that was exposed in the documentary the da vinci code.

10:00 - Senator VanParys wrote the above.  In actuality I was sworn into office as LQ Senator.  Instead of saying my name during [Your Name] I just said "your name", so I don't know if it counts.

10:01 - Meeting adjourned

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