Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind is probably the greatest thing about SMCM. Okay that is a lie because if a small food store was the best thing about SMCM I would probably kill myself. Suicidal talk aside, it's a pretty amazing place for a lot of reasons. (1) All of your friends work there! This means it's easy to get free smoothies, and it's always a fun place to visit! (2) Speaking of smoothies, o god the smoothies. I once made a blog with Kt Zawodny and Ryan Whiteis about the smoothies. We rated them and such. But then three days later we forgot about it. Regardless, the smoothies are amazing. They use real fruit and #4 is probably the best smoothie they have. (3) The Grind is amazing because despite being approximately 10x5 feet, it has everything found in a grocery store including honey, ramen, mac & cheese and candy!

In conclusion, you should probably spend all of your flex there.

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