Monday, June 9, 2014


SMCM has revealed its new personal brand~

For years there has been talk of 'moving away from using the rad logo with the sailboats (which is a blatant ripoff of my logo)' and reserving that logo for only official documents and seals. I can see the rationale for this, I think. Most colleges use their name logo and mascot for general branding, rather than the seal of the college. IDK which is better but I hope this does not mean I can no longer buy stuff with the boats seal on it.

WELL here is the new 'branding'

It looks pretty nice! Dropping the yellow definitely makes it easier on the eyes (whatup shawty) but it is also maybe a little bland ???

I do love the whole ~ under the T. I don't understand it but I like it. I don't even know how you could type that out



The facebook page has a new profile picture which is simply

 Not really sure what "ST M" is. Is this a reference to STEM (science technology engineering math)???

IS the college more of a SMCM or SMC kinda person? TBH I like both, not really sure which is better...


  1. h8 the ST M profile pictures... 'tis dum

  2. They also changed our colors from blue and gold to blue and tan/white. How sucky is that. We actually PAID someone to do this. Ugh.

  3. Obviously the STM is a reference to the school's fencing team, some of whom use blades made by that company :P