Sunday, December 18, 2011

Have a Great Festivus Yall

Only six more months of bloggin.  Who will take up the 'reigns' via needing successors. 


  1. There is no suitable heir to the throne. You must: 1. Blog furiously for the next six months. 2. Abandon this blog. 3. Start a new blog about your new life. 4. Let me know about it. Kthnx. Heart you!

  2. yeah seriously the point news actually printed an interesting and relevant article and this place is covered in "look at my bottle of vodka," "look at these birds outside my house"

  3. @9:52 awww that was kind of you

    @10:33 Are you honestly trying to compare a legitimate newspaper to a blog called "SMCM LOL BLOG"? Of course they are going to cover relevant articles, interview people, 'investigate' stuff. They have a full staff, I am one person. My goal was to create a blog about St. Mary's. Vodka and birds appear at St. Mary's.

    If you want insight read the terrorist newspaper, if you want to be distracted or maybe even laugh then check out this bloggin blog.