Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Changing Face of Route 5

Check out this wonderful image longtime reader "KC" dug up recently.  The top image is from awhile ago when SMCM was St. Mary's Female Seminary, while the bottom image was taken within the past year.  Look at all the foliage/land/lack of erosion/lower water levels on the top image!  What a difference a few decades can make [actually upon closer inspection it is hard to determine where exactly on Route 5 the top photo was taken, it looks like it was taken closer to the area where the River Center currently is, so this may be more indicative of the land there, but I think there was still a lot more land here than there is today]. 

Cool stuff.  I found some nice photos that indicate the massive erosion at The Point [which I may have posted already???] that I will post at some point. 


  1. you can tell approximately where the top photo was taken VIA context. The squarish shape to the left of the water tower is Calvert. Look hard. It is indeed taken farther up the road than the bottom picture, probably near where the road bends to the left in the current photo.

  2. Kyle Freaking McGrathDecember 7, 2011 at 12:30 AM

    Along Rt 5 headed towards Cook's you can still see these little cement markers that say ROW on them. It stands for Right of Way, they've been there since like the 30's or somesuch. I dunno, ask Julie King.

  3. Ask Kat Ryner, she's the College Archivist, she knows EVERYTHING.