Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bradford Persistent Agent REDUX

So I looked into it some more, and it seems like according to this page you need to be running Windows or Mac OS X, which leaves out stuff like Linux. I know there definitely are Linux users at school (they even have an SGA sponsored club!) so I am not sure what they would have to do.

Also, looking at the FAQ for the software, it appears to be able to "enforce campus computer policies", which I believe basically means enforcing campus policies that make file sharing and such illegal, among other things.

I just think it's kinda lame because it requires you to have a program constantly running in order to use the campus Internet, which I don't really like but whatever.


  1. Yea it is a terrible program that they're forcing upon us. I think it is against the St. Mary's way. It is a huge infringement on our privacy as well. They can see whatever they want. There is nothing stopping someone in CTSS from stealing your identity if they really wanted to.

  2. Can we please make a fuss about this? Please???

    This program would (will) be extremely intrusive and restricting and invade our privacy. I can't speak about it in technical terms but it will do a whole lot MORE than just enforce campus policy. There is NO campus policy that dictates which operating system you are required to use- and there is an SGA approved Linux Users group that will not be obliterated without any forewarning.

    Please spread the word and talk to your representatives and SMCM faculty.

  3. You can probably run it in WINE or with VM on linux, even if it's not compatible by default.

  4. urgh. I'm not sure if SMCM blocks the ports used for gaming or not, but either way the BPA is disturbing me.

    I have a deepseated distrust of constantly running monitor programs (especially after I was accused of playing games in High School, because I was typing in MS word with colored text.) I'm trying to ask the helpdesk for more info about the BPA.

    Does anyone know if it can be safely and cleanly uninstalled from your PC? I'd rather bring in my old laptop than have this ...thing intruding on my newest computer.

  5. Lumin colored text in Word is a pretty awesome game.

    You can register game systems to use the internet, so games aren't blocked.

    I would imagine that it's easy to remove because unlike real spyware/malware, it isn't trying to collect information per se, it's just monitoring what you are doing. However, I do think it is a good point/question, and if CTSS gives you an answer about it I'd like to hear it.

  6. Game *systems* .... but what about online PC games? I don't see anything about being able to register for that, or I'm blind.

    I still haven't gotten a response about the BPA from support yet. :[