Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Campus Farm is Finally Self-Sustaining

According to terrorist news organization The Point News the campus farm is self-sustaining! Exciting stuff!

I was on SGA when we gave the farm money for its funding (which I think was downplayed in the article, the farm would have failed without SGA funding) and honestly did not believe it would ever be self-sustaining.

I am incredibly proud and impressed with all the hard work of the farm's coordinators and volunteers. Great job guys!!!

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  1. So this is the only way I can think to actually contact any of you who run this blog. I'm curious if any of you know what happened to this map of smcm that was posted here years ago.

    There's a comment about it getting taken down by its apparent creator, jamequa, and I was hoping one of you had a copy somehow. Or know how I could contact the creator.