Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wknd Observations

Okay. It’s hot as hell on campus. I mean hot as in the new 1st years (that does include the ones who simply refuse to remove their lanyards) and I mean the fact that it’s so friggin humid outside. Speaking of new people, fresh faces, and confused students who don’t understand where Margaret Brent Hall is, this weekend was weird. Yes, ill admit, it was just like any other weekend at SMCM where peeps get drunk, lose their phones in LQ, and sweat whilst roaming from the crescents to the greens. But it was weird in that I heard no drunken roasts of Jurgo which I thought I would.

ALSO, keep on keeping SMCM weird by leaving Keystone’s and Bud Light’s on the grass! Imagine if the “I’m Shmacked” producers wanted to make a movie of our college. Do you think they would want to see a big mess of miscellaneous alcohol on our beautiful, historically preserved campus? Okay maybe the answer to that question is yes, but whatever.

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