Thursday, February 16, 2012

SGA Election 2012

SGA Elections!~  Lots of stuffs.

Reighart/White VS. Perkins/Thor.

IDK much about any of the candidates other than Becky.  Becky and I had a fake wedding once (with real cake) so that was fun, she was a pretty good fake wife, but maybe not as good as this one. Also Becky was Senator of the year her first year in the Senate, which is actually a major accomplishment and shows real dedication to the SGA and the ability to create actual legislation that isn't bullshit.

And she was a major driving force for GMSRF (The green St. Mary's revolving loan fund, which funds green initiatives on campus) along with other stuff like reusable to-go boxes.  And I don't mean she just went to meetings and signed stuff, but she actually did a lot of legitimate work on these things.

So that is my experience with one of the candidates, but it doesn't really affect me obv so make your decision, just be sure to vote.

New Constitution!  Some "facts," but first it would appear that President Snyder is trying to remove necessary information from the Constitution!  Sounds like terrorism.

  • Cleanup - IDK I guess some stuff got removed so that it isn't a jumbled mess
  • Removal of MHEC from Exec board.  Not really sure why, or where/how the MHEC representative will interact with the student body, but w/e.  Most people tuned out when the MHEC rep spoke anywayz
  • Director of Campus Programming is now selected by the President+Staff instead of being voted on by the Student Body.  President Snyder wants to remove our ability to vote!  Sounds like terrorism to me.  I thought we fought the Revolutionary War so that we would be able to vote!  Is Mark Snyder a colonial governor, appointed by King George III??? He does live in New England...
  • Actually the above is probably a good change, although probably not a necessary one tbh.  It's never a contested position and the Prez and VP generally find someone that they want to run anyway.  So IDK.
  • MAT students can vote now.  This was attempted a few years ago but not enough people voted.
There are some other changes that President Snyder didn't mention on the Constitution fbook page for some reason
  • The President now serves as the Head of the Student Life Committee.  I don't really understand the need for this change, it seems weird.  I wonder what the rationale was behind this.
  • Removed the ability of the President to call special sessions.  This was never really used, not sure why to remove it though.
  • Removed having the VP solicit committees report to the Senate monthly.  I think Prez Snyder really reduced the amount of reporting at meetings, which cuts down on time.

The funny thing about getting new Constitutions passed is that they usually fail due to lack of voting.  So really the best way to vote against the Constitution when there is an uncontested election is to just not vote (via people are less likely to vote).

Wonder if the new Constitution will pass.

Anyway, go vote yall (or don't idc).


  1. Any reason why the MHEC representative is being removed from the exec board?

    1. Because the current MHEC representative is a twat.

    2. Fucking lolled

  2. becky white omg... be still my beating heart