Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alumni I met

So, I went to this party with my Dad down the street (we played beer pong but lost) and the guy's son graduated SMCM in 02'.  He was around for The Greens riot and other cool stuff.
One thing he told me about was 'The Lemon', a anonymous newspaper published by two students that made fun of various professors and administrators.  Anyway, according to his story, eventually they figured out who was publishing it, and Goldwater/J Board had them expelled, until the students took the story to the press, and then they were unexpelled.  We were both pretty drunk so portions of the story may have been embellished a bit or slightly inaccurate, but it was an interesting event.  His name was Jay or Jason or somesuch.
Oh and he also informed me that people used the moniker 'Joanne Bongwater' back then as well.


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